Tuesday, June 5, 2007


PICTURE THIS: tripping while walking with a ball. For those who know me well enough that’s an easy task. For those who don’t, that’s me, clumsy.

My first soccer season and I was fortunate enough to land with Smith’s SONIC BOOM. Despite the ZERO experience, I had a fabulous time with these wonderful, strange, funny ladies.
Right to Left Tomoko-san: one of the few people I know who can kick the ball away from the enemy despite a fall. Miyun, a great defender. Co-captain Brenda the ULTRA talented ball handler. Sue, the motivator (love the root bear float and cookies). ME with the weird smile. Toom, with her big heart. Amy, who is aggressive even with her loose tooth. The other Toom, who will take that ball, even from her teammates. Chen with the back kicks. Francine, small but big all over (Big Laugh, big heart, big soccer player). Maddie, with the long legs to kick that ball for a goal. Maryana, the only one I know who smiles no matter how tired she is on the field. Jannel, the runner without the ball. The SUPER gifted Captain EM who can dance (and maybe even sing) with the ball. Maria with her awesome dives and beautiful knees. Vanessa, the defense goddess. Irma with her cheerful hand waving stunt!and Coach Jesse who has to deal with girl talk everytime.

Love you guys! Thanks for an awesome season!


Francine said...

Great start on your blog and a really nice way to sum up the camaraderie of this team. See you at the next pick-up game!

Shazam said...

I loved playing on your team. We had so much fun together! You are a natural! You picked up the game so fast. I hope you stick with it for many more years. Smith's....Sssooonnnniiiccc BOOMS! You have to let us all know when you are placing another sock order! We all want in on it!

Emily said...

i love it! i miss you already!