Tuesday, June 5, 2007

38 Years and growing stronger...

June 1st 2007 was mama and papa’s 38th Wedding Anniversary. The family prepared a simple celebration together with some close friends and CFC (Couples for Christ) members. The room was filled with joy and more blessings for both of them. I truly believe that their presence is living proof of how love and companionship overrules jealousy, selfishness and self-preservation. It’s a challenge for everyone, especially to us, their children, to be able to find such relationship and happiness in this life.

Congratulations Mama Cel and Papa Romy. We love you

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Shazam said...

Congratulations! You have had my admiration since I met you and had the pleasure of working with you in 1997 at GES! Mrs. Pagapular, your story about the time you killed the snake while teaching in the PI still haunts me!!! Mr. Pagapular I still find myself humming your original song..reduce, reuse, recycle! You both inspire me with long lasting love and GREAT kids! Hopefully you have many more beautiful years!