Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Venice in VEGAS

You don't just see Vegas in Vegas. For instance, the ambiance at the Venetian Hotel was Venice, Italy itself. We went for a stroll along a cobblestone walkway, and witnessed the inviting ride in an Italian gondola where newly weds were taken across the grand canal. It was sooo romantic. The entertainers walking around and the living statues at St. Marks square were just as inviting. Of course, I shouldn't forget to mention the famous Madame Tussauds where we saw Whoppi and the infamous ghost rider.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Family in Vegas

My first visit to the US of A and everyday has been fantastic. That long excruciating plane ride was definitely worth it. When I arrived, my kuya Bong (older brother) with Ron and Robby (his sons) took me around. He said as long as I stayed on Vegas time I'm less likely to get a jet lag. He drove on the free way and the tunnels, the speed was freaky marvelous. By the time we got home for dinner I knocked out on the couch and revived the next day. My ate Kris (older sister) then took me to their place. I finally got to meet the kids, Kaetia, Kris and Dominique. They're as talented and crazy as I pictured them. We wrestled in the pool, Kaetia and I against the boys--and of course we WON victoriously. Sorry MEN! (they said they weren't boys anymore) . We stayed up late watching movies or hung out by the pool singing and talking. Ive been here less than a week and its been incredible. I'm really blessed to have such marvelous family. As the saying goes "When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. "

Dedicated to SVS crew!

Apologies my ladies. I haven't had the time to sit and add our wonderful "lava lava end of the year" bash to my blog. Anyhoo, for those of you who don't know, these are some of the ladies of the F crew. What does F stand for you ask? Everything! from Fabulous, Fantastic, Foxy, Fearless to Frenzy, Fierce, Filthy, Fortunate, Frantic, or maybe even Full of it j/p.

I am the invisible member, who lives vicariously through you, or as you like to call me "Fish killer" and here is my tribute to you.

C- controversial, is how it all started from "loosen up my buttons" and hoodies that went with the booties.

A - athletic, we all try to become from soccer and softball players to trench tech warriors

N - notorious, indeed, for breaking every "how my teacher looks like" stereotype

A - artistic when it comes to drinking and parties, from flip cups to jello shots, and mad hatters to lavas with style

R - responsible individuals who get to work on time even with a nasty hangover

I - intriguingly hot (cant argue with that)

E - every moment was as crazy wonderful as the last. So to my beautiful friends who will be moving on (Kimmy and Val) I wish you great luck and some tiny hope that you would somehow stay in touch

S - Shiny, oh oh shiny.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I had to FIGHT the butt aching sensation during the 15 hour FLIGHT to Vegas. The sleepless hours, cramped up position, the kicker passenger and the screaming baby behind me was making the flight unbearable. Why did I choose to sit by the window?! And to make matters worse, the center and aisle passengers were heavy sleepers. So I pulled up the window hoping to shed some light on the sleepy joes next to me but instead I saw this...

The colors of the radiant sky. Ive always thought the sky was beautiful but this was way beyond compare. Below I couldnt tell whether it was the clouds or the ocean. It didnt matter, it was as magnificent. As the sun was slowly rising in the horizon, I could see the cotton clouds below, except that it looked more like chunks of snow. Just like how you would picture Santa's home. I wondered if I was on the right plane. The turbulenece didnt matter as much anymore, just the fact that I needed the bathroom desperately. Wake up sleepy joes!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another Year Gone By

I thought this school year would be much easier, having a bit more knowledge on how to manipulate 7 year olds with a few cool tricks in my pocket. For those who teach, you know this is wishful thinking. My 25 young ‘ens had more than enough characteristics in them including the energy level that each character possessed. Although I have to say, I am going to miss their “innocent” giggles, their tight little hugs, their creativity, and not to mention the attention. To my 2nd grade class of 2006-2007, thank you for sweet memories, trying days, and your big hearts. Believe in yourself. You will always be in my prayers.

38 Years and growing stronger...

June 1st 2007 was mama and papa’s 38th Wedding Anniversary. The family prepared a simple celebration together with some close friends and CFC (Couples for Christ) members. The room was filled with joy and more blessings for both of them. I truly believe that their presence is living proof of how love and companionship overrules jealousy, selfishness and self-preservation. It’s a challenge for everyone, especially to us, their children, to be able to find such relationship and happiness in this life.

Congratulations Mama Cel and Papa Romy. We love you


PICTURE THIS: tripping while walking with a ball. For those who know me well enough that’s an easy task. For those who don’t, that’s me, clumsy.

My first soccer season and I was fortunate enough to land with Smith’s SONIC BOOM. Despite the ZERO experience, I had a fabulous time with these wonderful, strange, funny ladies.
Right to Left Tomoko-san: one of the few people I know who can kick the ball away from the enemy despite a fall. Miyun, a great defender. Co-captain Brenda the ULTRA talented ball handler. Sue, the motivator (love the root bear float and cookies). ME with the weird smile. Toom, with her big heart. Amy, who is aggressive even with her loose tooth. The other Toom, who will take that ball, even from her teammates. Chen with the back kicks. Francine, small but big all over (Big Laugh, big heart, big soccer player). Maddie, with the long legs to kick that ball for a goal. Maryana, the only one I know who smiles no matter how tired she is on the field. Jannel, the runner without the ball. The SUPER gifted Captain EM who can dance (and maybe even sing) with the ball. Maria with her awesome dives and beautiful knees. Vanessa, the defense goddess. Irma with her cheerful hand waving stunt!and Coach Jesse who has to deal with girl talk everytime.

Love you guys! Thanks for an awesome season!