Monday, March 31, 2008

What a Beauty

What a beautiful day. The sky and the water spilled shades of blue, it would’ve been a sin to stay indoors. So I gathered up the courage to ride to Wing Beach. I packed a couple of sports drink, some good ol’ sushi, oranges, and a book. I had my favorite poncho liner stuffed in the bag as well. As I rode to the beach, I realized how much more independent I’ve become. Although I love going on adventures with others, I was never brave enough to do something alone. Fear of the unknown always held me back. When I got to the beach, I found a perfect shade and knew I was going to be okay. What a great way to end Spring Break. I’ve been reenergized, ready to tackle those little monsters with a big smile and a firm NO!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Random Thought

Are you a stronger person when you've lifted a car or when you've gotten out of bed when everything seems to have fallen apart?
Are you a braver one when you've jumped off a plane or when you've walked on without someone holding you hand?
Are you wiser when you've made a decision that would benefit others or when you've chosen to follow your passion?
What makes a better person?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jumping Flea Master

In Hawaiian, ukulele roughly translates to "jumping flea." It got its name because the instrument is so tiny, the fingertips on your left hand "look like little jumping fleas on a fretboard as you're playing it.
-Jake Shimabukuro

Downbeat…Strum. Strum
Upbeat. Rhythm Strum.
I’ve played enough to produce a rhythm from my Uke, enough to where my students sing a country song about the sheep that goes “Baa baa bamba” but watching Jake Shimabukuro perform last night influenced a different passion for this wooden instrument. He was able to confirm that there is much to discover and develop in something so small. He not only performs for the audience but for himself. His eyes are closed and his body moves as he generates such genuine music. Using his fingers instead of a pick is just as mind blowing. The kids are crazy about him and he shows the same likeness. What’s more, he encourages them to keep playing and stay inspired.

If only he could sing *sigh*

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Need Training Wheels

I am engulfed in fear. When did I stop yearning for thrill? Or was I never a risk taker? Was I always satisfied with what I had or the nature of how I’ve always done things?

I’ve been playing the guitar since high school. I learned how to sing and play at the same time but when I strum B minor, F sharp or the likes of it, I never made an extra effort to make it sound right. I just sang louder on that note or simply tried a new song.

My present goal is to complete a triathlon race. I inserted an Xterra/Tagaman postcard on my windshield as a reminder of what I wanted to achieve. I wrote “I’m doing it! 2009 here we come!” I started to read the Triathlon bible, trained with Coach Mike for the swim, did a couple of runs last week and found some girlfriends who were willing to ride with me. I was ready to fly like a BUMBLEBEE or at least I thought I did.

Today, I was ready to get my new used bike. We went down to Romy’s bike shop and found this beautiful light weight green Gary Fisher. They told me to try it out but when I got on, I knew I wasn’t gonna reach the seat. Apparently the seat had to be high enough to stretch your legs. I got off and tipped the bike while my foot somehow got stuck on the frame. That did it. There was no way I was getting on that bike. Brad gave me words of encouragement and somehow convinced me to try again, plus there was a boy watching from the side. So I did, and I rode it… and the 30 seconds i was moving felt AMAZIZING until I had to stop and tip over (which felt more like falling over) . Now there was definitely no way I was getting on a bike that soon. We asked the owner if we could test the bike for a couple of days but someone else was coming over to check it out. A good sales pitch, but I wasn’t ready to buy something I wasn’t sure of, so I left the shop with feelings of regret and a childish pout. Although, there was still a bit of hope, Leila was selling her mountain bike. There was no air on the tires (easy fix) but she told us to take it and bring it back if it wasn’t what we wanted. Great deal! The minute Brad tested the bike on the rode, I felt like I was ready to try it out, plus the seat was reachable. To my dismay, as soon as I took it to a safe place to ride, the tire went “psssss….” talk about luck.

So now it is with a heavy heart that I assume it will take me a lifetime to find the right bike and another lifetime before I learn how to ride it right. Maybe some training wheels would help?
Fun Fact: Bumblebees are not capable of flight. Fortunately, no one told the bumblebee.The silly insects go right on believing that flight is normal for them despite what the best minds in the scientific world know as fact.
- The Triathlete's Training Bible

Monday, March 10, 2008


I started a class blog to motivate my kids to write. So every morning instead of a sweet smile and a warm hug they say "can we blog?".

Xterra: a looong term goal

I was one of the many Saipan Xterra spectators last Saturday. Competitors came in different age and sizes, driven by different reasons. I was enthralled by these triathletes. Their willingness to finish and accomplish this grueling mission was remarkable. I was actually jealous. So I made a decision to complete, not compete, next year’s race. Although this decision may change as quickly as I have made it.
Mountain Biking. I’m positive that this would be my first downfall. Getting on a bike from a slope absolutely freaks me out. The one time Brad took me out on Brenda's MTB he spent an hour, not consecutively, trying to convince me to get back on the bike instead of walking with the bike. Downhill was fantastic! But it didn’t take long for me to realize that I could hit a speed bump, a road kill or maybe even a branch and fly off to never never land.
Another hindrance would be self-motivation. I lack that. Individual sports require self-motivated athletes, telling myself I have to do this for myself doesn’t always work. This is why I love soccer, it’s a team sport. Knowing that I could be a ‘gain’ to others is inspiration enough. While you might have seen me jogging at beach road alone, it has been a weekly ordeal. I draw strength from knowing how much soba I ate.
Lastly, a major deterrent, aside from all this negativity, is running or biking through boonies. As much as I love nature and the relief I gain from being around it. I easily scare. Whether it is a twig snap or a dog bark… I almost always think of the worst.

So what do you think, should I start training for next year?
Congratulations to Brad, Bev, Lewie, Kimi and the other triathletes you are truly an inspiration.
But if I die from training or entering the race, I blame all of you.