Monday, June 15, 2009

PAWS for a Good Cause

Last Saturday was the Saipan's Annual Best of the Worst Dog Show. Meatball and Rescue joined the fun but beforehand we did some costume fitting...

Meatball as Princess Leia

"I don't really wanna do this..."

"What!? There's prizes!"

Rescue as Yoda

"Judge me by size, do you?"

"Skilled with my tongue, I am"
After all the planning, Brad and I packed up the Rav and headed to the airport field for the competition. Meaty won a couple of prizes for her costume and her talents, but PAWS was the real winner for bringing together a group of people for a celebration of man's best friend.
Thanks to all of the organizers like Katie Busenkell, Angelo Villagomez, Cinta Kaipat, PAWS, Beautify CNMI! and all of the volunteers who helped make PAWS WARS III: Revenge of the Boonie possible.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Great Circle of Life

I love when creativity is challenged. This year, Rhonda and I orchestrated Walt Disney's The Lion King for Rotary's Parade of Books. With 35 students from grades 2-6, we bagged 2nd place with $750, The Most Spirited award winning P.I.C water park passes for all the participants, and The Best Producer award garnering a free night stay at the Pacific Islands Club with free breakfast. WOHOO!

We went all out, not just sewing costumes for the characters but fashioning each child so they could fully portray their role. Okay, we really wanted them to look cool.

Greg Sablan, my 2nd grader, stood in front of about thirty older kids during auditions and jabbered through an African Chant because he knew he wanted to be Rafiki.

We practiced every day, after school, for a full month. Some days, we kicked back and designed our props using whatever we could find in the classroom. I treasure the bond it created between our upper grade and lower grade students.

During D Day, teachers and parent volunteers came out to braid hairs, iron costumes, paint faces, and helped with last minute errands. Every child, including Rhonda and I, were styling corn rows.
Crazy duo, Eugene Mendez as Simba and Micheal Cerna as Scar (4th graders)

Maria Terlaje, one of my sweetest 2nd grader, smiles with me and her little brother Jared after the performance.

Rhonda, her niece, me and Tori Jade (Rhonda's daughter) display our cool dude poster.

It didnt stop there, the cast and crew were asked to perform in front of the PTA and the entire student body. After all the hard work and the amazing performances, we set a date to have FUN! Each student received a special T-Shirt from our winnings (approved by our ever supportive principal) and ate some not so healthy but incredibly delicious chicken at the beach.

The Pacific Islands Club with Mr. Mendoza, the artist! oh, and Shieky the huggable mascot

Thank You Rotary Club of Saipan for making this happen!

Check out the performance on YouTube: Parade of Books or SaipanKat