Thursday, January 22, 2009

Will you come visit us, please?

Yesterday, a student council member came to my classroom and asked if I could read this letter to my 2nd graders. I thought it was the most amazing project the kids put together this school year. It made me proud to be a Canary.
After I read it, I told my kids that it might just happen. My 7 year old student replied "If it doesn't, at least we gave it a shot."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Meatball Trouble

Have you heard of Marley and Me? Marley the sweet, affectionate puppy who grew into a mischievous hyperactive dog.
Meatball falls in that mold.
Maybe worse. Who knows, she's still growing.

Last July, Brad and I picked up the cutest well-mannered puppy at an unusual pet store. Let's just say we joke about saving her from being on the Menu. She was the sweetest thing on four legs. Now, not so much.

Among the many antics she gets herself into, chewing is her top priority. She chews anything that would fit in her mouth. Gum. A piece of Frisbee. Shin Guards. A large rawhide would last 3 days before it would vanish in thin air. If it weren't for the splinter on her lip, she wouldn't have stopped chewing on our furniture. She has also managed to chew on all my sandals before Christmas, giving Brad the perfect opportunity to buy me six new pair of shoes :D
The best part is when she chooses one out of a pair leaving the other unharmed.

hmmm... left or right?

One beautiful day my neighbor called me with a muffled laugh and said "um, Kathy, I think Meatball ran outside with your bra." Movie fans, sounds familiar?

Another time, she started her very own top soil business right in front of our door. Now, we don't keep any plants on our porch. Just last week, Brad came home to a clay covered Meatball. As he forewarned me about her appearance and the giant red paw prints on our stairway, he hadn't the slightest idea on where or how she ended up that way. Before the day was over, Brad had solved the mystery. Our poor neighbors came home to this...

Sorry Glen and Lindsay.

And while I am in the subject of deep remorse, I would also like to apologize to the Church of Latter Day Saints for interrupting your baptismal ceremony at Wing beach. *blush*

I was packing our things after a day at the beach, when Meatball decided to acquaint herself with one of the girls from the congregation. The little girl was trying to run away from her, while Meatball thinking "PlayTime!" The ceremoney came to a complete stop as they heard little shrieks of help from the girl. As I was running to resue her, Meatball thought I came to join in the fun. You could imagine how much chasing I had to do with a wet sandy dog.

I know Meatball's heart is huge and her love boundless despite her lack of social graces but I sure am looking forward to that day when she decides to be a fire place dog.
For the meantime any suggestions from all you dog lovers out there?