Monday, September 10, 2007


Last Saturday, Rhonda decides to try soccer... and may I say with a hangover. She used my shiny cool dude shinguards. How she managed to use the ankle support like a thong is beyond me.

But it's not just soccer with Rhonda... it's a little bit of kickboxing and cart wheels

While the Thai soccer community drums a heavy beat, Angelo decides to join in the crazy "Flipflop" fun.

After a looongggg and hot soccer day... we waited and whined til the BBQ started!
WOHOO to Saipan Soccer!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Too old for home

When you come home at 2 and hear your mom say “is this a decent time?”
You’re too old for home.
When someone still adds a spoonful of rice in your plate though you chose not to eat
You're too old for home.
When you’re in a dilemma because you’ve neglected to clean the house this weekend
You’re too old for home.
When you’re twenty four… you’re undeniably too old for home.
Yet how do you explain this to parents who built this home for you?