Saturday, June 16, 2007


I had to FIGHT the butt aching sensation during the 15 hour FLIGHT to Vegas. The sleepless hours, cramped up position, the kicker passenger and the screaming baby behind me was making the flight unbearable. Why did I choose to sit by the window?! And to make matters worse, the center and aisle passengers were heavy sleepers. So I pulled up the window hoping to shed some light on the sleepy joes next to me but instead I saw this...

The colors of the radiant sky. Ive always thought the sky was beautiful but this was way beyond compare. Below I couldnt tell whether it was the clouds or the ocean. It didnt matter, it was as magnificent. As the sun was slowly rising in the horizon, I could see the cotton clouds below, except that it looked more like chunks of snow. Just like how you would picture Santa's home. I wondered if I was on the right plane. The turbulenece didnt matter as much anymore, just the fact that I needed the bathroom desperately. Wake up sleepy joes!

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