Sunday, July 13, 2008

Twenty Five Years Later

For three days now I have been in the heart of the South Pacific, American Samoa, with the CNMI delegation for the Prel Conference. The journey has been absolutely exciting, even the part where we were held at the airport for not having a visitors pass. Due to the dial up speed on the only existing computer in our hotel, my attempts to write about our Samoa adventures have been unsuccessful. Today was a bit different, it's a special day for me back home and I couldn't help feeling a hint of sadness about not being there. Luckily, Julian invited me for a walk with the intention of finding the closest catholic church. When we walked in, I felt a bit uneasy... no, not because I was about to melt... just one of those "you don't know what to expect" uneasy. The front pews were filled with these young Samoans clothed in white. The keyboard was in perfect melody while four beautiful girls sang in prayer. It was an overwhelming experience. As I fell in solitude, I thanked the Big Guy for twenty five incredible years.


catpag said...

Happy Birthday Sis.
Enjoy, live, love and laugh. You have the rest of your life to live and live it well. Stay healthy and stay strong.
Love, Ate

Shazam said...

Happy Birthday! We are so glad you were born! You are making a big difference in this world by teaching passionately. Celebrate. My friend and I believe the older you get the longer the birthday celebration should last. I'm up to a month! :) This gives you at least 2 weeks. So, enjoy!!!

Saipan Kat said...

Thank You Ate, I miss you and your home made salsa.
Thanks Bren, I guess that gives me a week to celebrate in Samoa and another week to celebrate back home :D

bradinthesand said...

Happy Birthday, Love. See you tomorrow night.