Thursday, July 24, 2008

Diving Anyone?

I don’t know what it is but when I don’t see anyone within three yards I panic underwater.

At times, those lovely seaweeds that lend beauty to the underwater landscape scare the beejezus out of me. When I swim over it, I imagine creatures dragging me underneath the deep dark end, even though I know that those large marine algae grow exclusively in the shallow waters. Once, we were snorkeling at Forbidden Island and I had to muster all my strength to swim through a small cavern.

So here I am on a beautiful Friday morning searching online for a dive instructor. That’s right folks I am determined to overcome my inhibitions, my ingrained fear of the deep beautiful blue.

Now, will anyone help me out of my dive-despair?


Forgotten said...

Woohoo! Kat-In-D-Hat! I wanna face the demon in the eye, too! Pick me, pick me! I wann learn how to dive. FYI, Chuuk is supposed to be like The Place for diving, yet this Chuukese can't dive for nothin' - I can snorkel though! I'm afraid of small confined spaces too. And high places. And snakes. And worms. Really need to get over some of these fears, so diving will be my first dragon to slay. Let me know what you come up with! Later gator!

bradinthesand said...

and you left out the part about us looking for a dive instructor who will give us a good deal!

Boni said...

I love the new banner. More later, gotta go.

scubatripp said...

Hi Kat,
send me an email and I'll give you the scoop. I'm off island right now otherwise I'd get you in there to face your demons safely!

scubatrip (at) mac (dot) com

I also added you to my blog links!



Brad said...

Hi Kat, I'm the OTHER Brad on Saipan. We met once at Godfather's with Brad and Jeff Turbitt. I'm doing my Dive Master program now and part of that is helping train new divers. My instructor is a lawyer here on the island and he charges less than anyone else I know. Brad may know him already. I'd love to get you, Brad, and anyone else interested into the water and certified. You can check out some of my diving photos on my blog...and I'll contact Brad about the diving. You'll never regret giving diving a try.

flipflop said...

I'm so proud of you...confronting underwater demons! Remember our first swimming lesson together?!...mask & snorkel! So sorry that we won't be defeating and conquering together... motherhood, a challenge and pleasure in it's own.

bradinthesand said...

still waiting for another call from the other brad...

Saipan Kat said...

This is GREAT!
Elle, I'll give you a call once we've got the important info down.
Flipflop, I call GODMOTHER!
Mike and the other Brad, thanks a ton, I'll make sure we get in touch...
Hunny, YAY!
Boni, :D wanna go diving too?

Jorge said...

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