Monday, July 14, 2008

Fa'asamoa, The Samoan Way

With culture and tradition still preserved and practiced in their way of living, American Samoa has been a magnificent venture. A mural painted on the sidewalk

This rosewood tree is being carved for the upcoming Pacific Arts Festival held once every four years. More than twenty Pacific Island countries and territories will be present during this long awaited event, including the CNMI!
The bottom part of the trunk depicts a young man fishing, above it is a beautiful Samoana princess, weaving... the wood continues to tell a story about service. They believe that a great leader starts from serving your family, your community, and your country well.
Julian, Samoan carver (sorry couldn't remember his name), ME, Connie and Adel

Along with other amazing carvers, this Samoan man has been working for weeks to create beautiful signs to welcome each entity. He said the youngest carver is only in elementary. Men, women, children everywhere has been assigned a special task for the success of this event. The festival is meant to maintain the genuineness of Pacific cultures and is an amazing opportunity to share their tradition, beliefs, myths, legends, dances and songs.

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