Friday, August 17, 2007

Head Over Heart

Once I played the role of Aphrodite. I would never forget Ms. Jenny (my 6th grade drama teacher) jokingly saying “it s fitting since you look like someone who’s doomed to break hearts. I didn’t want to be that, other people might enjoy that lifestyle but it’s not someone I wanted to be. Whether I lived it or not is not really for me to say. Although over the years I’ve known people fight through heartaches and deceptions. I’ve met martyrs, my biological mom for one, always suffering for a good cause: to keep her family together, my good friend “Flip Flop”, now a single mother who was with her boyfriend for more or less a decade, a close personal friend, whose been through four long distance relationships and still ends up being oceans away from someone. Despite the pain we have shared and lived through, I still end up falling. Who doesn’t? The feeling of having someone you can share walks, good music and moonlit nights with somehow overpowers the notion of being hurt, and like many, being hurt over again. But is love really enough to go through confusion and inflicted agony? Do you really have to work as hard to make things work? Maybe time itself will tell, maybe its one of those passing thoughts.

Who knows?

I can still hear my dad telling me “The big guy placed your head above your heart for a reason” I guess he already knew I was vulnerable when it came to such things.

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