Thursday, August 16, 2007

Learn from them

In less than thirty minutes I will be trying out for the Women’s All Star Team. I figured this would be the perfect time to write before I severely injure myself and loose the ability to remember my favorite quotes of the week.

Have you ever felt your knees weaken Ms. Kathy? I’m so nervous my knees wont stop shaking.
– Iza playing a game of steal the bacon.

Me: Repeat after me, say pin
Student: Oh, Ive done this before!
Me: Great, this should be easy, say pin.
Student: pin
Me: Now say it without the 'p', what’s left?
Student: p… p… p… pencil!
- Phil, trying to impress my teacher.

You're forgiven, just dont think about doing it again.
-Bri, conflict resolution

Every time I write I have this funny feeling inside and that’s where I get all my words and emotions from – Iza, future writer

Teaching. Well it's its own reward.

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