Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beach Clean Up

Picking up trash along the way, my 2nd graders, accompanied by parent volunteers, hiked to LauLau beach on a beautiful Wednesday morning. Our fieldtrip was tied to the study on coral reefs and the ongoing effort to beautify our island. Here are some journal entries that our students wrote beforehand.

We need to clean our beach so the animals in the ocean can be safe. We can also eat some of them but not every animal. That’s why we need to make the sea creatures healthy by keeping our ocean clean. Our class will also clean Lau Lau so the sand can be white again.

We should clean Lau Lau or any other beach because the fish would die and get sick from pollution. The sea turtles might eat trash, too. People could also cut their feet from the glass. That’s it folks!

There are five reasons why we need to protect our ocean.
1. If people will continue to throw trash in the ocean, the fish will die and we will have no food.
2. The corals will die and the big wave will just swap our island when it comes.
3. When the water is dirty the corals can’t breath and no one will like to go diving anymore.
4. When you drive on the beach the turtles nest will be destroyed.
5. When you drive on the beach you will kill the vegetation and the other animals that eat the plant.

We’re doing a beach cleanup to keep our corals and sea creatures from dying. We are going to help the animals and the environment that they live in.

When the trash goes in the water it makes water pollution. That makes the coral die. It also makes the fish die, when the fish die bigger fish won’t have food and people would also run out of big fish to eat. But San Vicente 2nd graders will clean up the beach so we can help save the ocean animals.

Why is it bad to throw trash on the ground? Because when it rains it flows down and it usually ends up in the sea. People just don’t care that’s why we will hike to Lau Lau beach. Now the sea could be clean and the coral could be safe.


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Great! You should submit some of those letters to the newspaper. If you need some help with it, I can help. You can just use the kids' first names.

Saipan Kat said...

Thanks. I just submitted the entry to Mr. Welch, he handles the Aquaculture project.

By the way, I used the information you gave me last year. The kids love the "Walk it Dont Drive it" campaign.

mayacook said...

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