Sunday, March 8, 2009

Love Scavenger Hunt

It was a typical Wednesday afternoon, little warm hugs of goodbyes, supervision, and then staff meeting. I stared blankly on the paper I was doodling when Betty handed me a familiar set of keys and said "check your text messages." Like most days, I overlooked to charge my battery so I waited to call Brad after our ‘How to care for your fish’ assembly.

On the first ring, Brad picked up and announced "you're not following the rules, you can't call me" and hung up. I stood there puzzled about the unusual phone call. Less than a minute later, he called back and said "I'm guessing you didn't charge your cell phone again?" I answered with a quiet "Yes". He replied, "well I guess I'll see you later."

"Okay, should I pick you up from work? Meet you somewhere for dinner?"

"Nope. You'll just have to figure it out" and hung up, again.

Still baffled by the conversation, I got in my car and found a paper on the dashboard. It had a spiffy K written on the folded note. Inside was a fancier type written message

Here's your invitation to a day full of mystery.
If you solve all my clues, it'll be one for all history.
I'm waiting for you at the end of the journey.
But your first steps will take you to a place with a gurney.
Your next clue awaits plain as you can see
Just look on the road sign in front of CHC

A silly grin was slowly forming my lips at the same time thinking, this should be effortless.

As I reached the hospital sign closest to the main road, I saw a similar paper to the one I had on the passenger seat. Although, this was secured in a Ziploc bag attached to the familiar signpost. I ripped out the plastic eagerly and read the next one.
You've made it this far
I'm so proud of you.
Now let’s see how you manage with Clue Number Two.
The answer to this one is not very far
In fact you can solve it from inside your car.
This one may sound seedy
And just a bit shady,
But you'll need the assistance of some Barenaked Ladies.
(I played my CD without delay)

Press play on the disc,
Pick song number one, then continue your journey
For the next round of fun.
The next clue is three, and after is four,
But to find them you'll have to check
The sliding glass door.

I drove down North as the song played "Broke into the old apartment this is where we used to live...” I thought of possibilities on where this hunt would end. I was certain this would lead me to Marianas Resort and Spa. My fantasy carried me further to a relaxing afternoon in a hot Jacuzzi, watching a bit of light pass through the clouded sunset. When I got to the old cozy pad there was the next clue, taped on the sliding door.
That was too easy, but it shouldn't be hard
Just solve all the riddles I write in each card
Think of the beach, your feet in the sand
And an ice cold beverage in the palm of your hand.
It's close to you than you might think
(PAU PAU? my thoughts interrupted)
Just head back from where you came, and claim your cool drink.
Drive to the place where I finished my "half" run
And sat down with a cool towel because I had too much fun.
Once you are there, get out of your car,
And walk 'round the corner to the beach side bar.
Be sure to tell the bartender your name
And soon after that you'll be happy you came.

Heedlessly, my feet carried me back to my Rav while reading the clue. I sped, once again, to where the riddle led. "Hyatt, of course" I told myself, the silly grin still stuck on my face.
As soon as I got to the beach, I took my heels off and started walking in the sand. The warmth was soothing on my bare feet. Surprisingly, the weather was beautiful after a morning of rain. I got to the bar and asked the bartender if he had a note for “Kathy”. He gave me a genuine smile and said "I do, and I also have a present for you." He handed me a corona, definitely a gift from Brad, as I sat admiring the view. After a quick conversation about my unexpected afternoon, I chugged the drink and read the next one

You're in Garapan now
And I'm not far away
But you'll have to work harder to end this foray.
Get back in your car and drive to the Paseo
And soon you will find
Your next piece of mail-o.
Walk up the stairs
To Saipan's home of Rasta,

(Is he trying to get me wasted? as I thought about another drink
waiting for me at Oceans Bar and Grill)
Grab the next clue
And then join me for pasta.
No, I’m not there
You'll still have to follow
Just grab the next clue
And fly like a (canary) swallow
I held my final clue, thinking about my options

As the zodiac goes
Tomorrow it expires
Come claim your Scorpio
And fulfill your desires.
If you need one more hint
To get your brain clickin’
I’m behind the tallest building
Where you get tasty chicken
Hafa adai Tower was the tallest building I knew, but where does the tasty chicken fit in?
Aquarius made more sense, given the zodiac and chicken hint. I stopped and talked to a police officer I knew and asked what he thought about it. He threw in Hard Rock and the possibility of a restaurant that served really good chicken at one of Hafa Adai’s restaurant. That made sense, so I drove to the hotel and walked around the area. I was feeling a little woozy, the anticipation and early alcohol didn’t blend well. After what seems to be forever, I decided to give Aquarius Beach Tower a shot.

There he was, my personal dose of natural high, attempting to make a large blue tarp look like a tent. I nearly tripped as I excitedly ran to his arms, but I composed myself just in time to make my clumsiness the topic of the night. He handed me an exquisite bouquet of lilies, another personal favorite. I smiled as I realized here is my taste of magic in my ordinary life.

The rest as they say is history.


Lovelle said...

That's why you and Brad are meant to be.. I'm (honestly) very happy for the both of you. No history, just fact. I love you sis.

Forgotten said...

You two are so cute ;-). What a great idea, Brad. Of course, if this was ME back in the day, I would have been like, "What'd you do?" Glad those days are over! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Tulips : )