Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rough Neighborhood

Last night, on my way home from karaoke with Tracy, the streets were as dark as a raven's wing. Damn CUC! I was thinking of the worst, tataomonas, machete serial killer, the drunken rape gang (It was past midnight, of course my wheel wasn’t working right).

Then a car drove out from NMC and started tailgating me all the way to Dandan so I made a sharp turn to the vacant lot close to my apartment. The silence was deafening. I used my cell phone to light my path when all of a sudden someone jumped from the stairway followed by a scream and raucous laughter. I was ready to whip ‘em with my laptop when I realized it was the neighborhood kids. MONKEYS! I was furious! But I have to admit, last night, their crazy laughter was what made me feel secure.


bradinthesand said...

tell them if they scare you again we're not taking them hiking!

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