Wednesday, January 2, 2008

P.S I Love You

Ellen invited me to watch a sappy romantic comedy starring Hilary Swank and the hot warrior from 300. I haven’t raved this much about a chick flick since “The Notebook”. Holly (Swank) was inconsolable from love lost but turns out to find unique solace (I won’t give it away; I recommend you watch it unless you have a problem with goofy Irish hunks).
It wasn’t hard to empathize because the movie emanates an aura of hope, something that I constantly searched for in 2007. From heartbreaks to independence it was my by far the scariest most exciting year. So here’s my tribute to the events and people that gave me strength to live to see 2008 and beyond.

To my family in Saipan, I’ve shaken your trust from the decisions I’ve chosen and yet you’ve learned to forgive my shortcomings. Mom and Pa thank you for keeping us together. Our mistakes, though we are your children, does not make you less than wonderful parents. We love you always.

To my family in the Philippines and in the States, despite the distance, you have not failed to inspire and remind me that strength comes from overcoming difficulties in life. I miss you guys, till’ we meet again.

Hunny, although you throw lemon and sea cucumber with mundane (I didn’t say terrible) aim, you have given me a reason to look forward to a wonderful day, every day, even when it seems a bit too hazy. Baby pigs, I-mart, killer pumpkins, and the untouched nature of Saipan would’ve never been as lovely if it weren’t for you. I miss you…
To the F Crew, theme parties, birthday parties, just a weekend party and the Academy Awards wouldn’t have been as entertaining if we didn’t have Betty’s jello shots, Diana’s cheap vodka, Ellen’s creativeness and Rhonda’s full on mouth support (okay fine) dress codes. You know I heart ya’ll.

To my fellow comrades in the trenches, I still think it was a wrong move to nominate me “Teacher of the Year” but thank you for having faith in me and for next year’s TOY you need to find a way to enjoy strangers walking in and out of your classroom or you’ll go insane!

To Shelly D Slider aka Shelly Belly, please don’t die on me. The kids love you and I need you to be “living” proof that I didn’t kill Swimmy (may the fish rest in peace).

Fellow campers, soccer players, ISP, Kevin JLO and the random people I’ve met this year thank you for giving me a reason to laugh out loud.
May 2008 bring us love, laughter, and strength!
Favorite quote of the year: Real relationships (the kinds that last) have plenty of coral roads. I mean, that’s how you get to some of the best parts.


Anonymous said...

all gorgious people are turkeys. By the way, I was one of original "F" crew. Like Snoop dogg with the pussy cat dolls. No Props?! PS- Chick Flicks ROCK!!!

Saipan Kat said...

and I thought you were a closet chick flick fan!

bradinthesand said...

hon, i miss you too. love the favorite quote and sunsets at paupau with you...

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

...and may our soccer team do better n 2008.

bradinthesand said...

...and i love that picture of us. shall we frame it?