Sunday, November 4, 2007


LIFE IS: a roller coaster ride, after the loops and the drops you just have to smile and thank God you’re still alive
LOVE IS: a word I Google-d up to find the right meaning but couldn't
GOD IS: my strength
THE PERFECT WEATHER IS: a long walk on the beach waiting for a beautiful sunset
THE BEST SPORT IS: soccer and “Citrus” whipping
I’D LIKE TO LIVE IN: Marianas Resort and Spa
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: is for the people I love to get along
A DREAM COME TRUE WOULD BE: unlimited supplies for teachers!
VANILLA ICE CREAM IS: better with freshly baked brownies and whipped cream
I PREFER: being in an argument where I know the facts rather than saying “I just know I’m right”
GUYS: have an attention span of a seven yr. old (this is why I teach 2nd grade)
GIRLS: are often right
I REGRET: not going to Fen way Park while in Boston. Cuz now that they’re the Champs I would’ve been able to say “I’ve seen them play!”
I MISS: my family’s affection
MONEY IS: always a good thing to have
BEAUTY IS: skin deep
PEACE IS: what the world always needed
I LIED: about the number of pet fish that died in my classroom
THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: is selfishness
LIFE AFTER DEATH: is full of angels playing a beautiful melody
HOMOSEXUALITY IS: a bizarre state of being
IF I COULD PERFORM MIRACLES I WOULD: be physically fit while watching T.V, with a tub of junk food, all day
I WAS MOST HAPPY: when my family laughed together
TEARS SIGNIFY: character building
A SMILE: creates fewer wrinkles than a frown
CHANGE CREATES: new experiences
MY FIRST LOVE: was the Nissan NX (I took care of that baby), until rust engulfed it :’(
MY MOTHER: is a family martyr
MY FATHER: was the scariest person during my teen years
MY WORST MEMORY: having to explain why our class fish died to 24 seven yr. old
MY BEST MEMORY: head banging with my brother while singing the Bohemian Rhapsody
PEOPLE INTERPRETS ME AS: one who attended church camp
I AM BEST AT: staring at the computer for hours before I could complete a sentence
I POSSESS: a futon, a CD player that won’t work, and less than a hundred DVD’s
NAKEDNESS IS: now a private obsession because of the the Spanish influence
HOPE IS: being a better person tomorrow than I am today
DREAMS GIVE: me a reason to move on


Gorgious said...

Hey Kat,
Sorry about your family not getting along to well as they used to. Things will look up cuz time heals all. Keep the faith. :)

Saipan Kat said...

You still can't spell "gorgeous" right! :P But thanks, I do hope things get better.

bradinthesand said...


Bryan said...

...damn the Spanish and their influences...

Marianas Eye said...

Hi Kat,

Enjoyed reading this post. Add this one to the list: Mayonnaise is...

Hope all is well. It's always nice to see you.