Thursday, October 11, 2007

All RAMEN-ed out

An old friend asked me how I was, my response: “I don’t think I’ve eaten this much Ramen in a week.”
I’ve taken a BIG step and it has been a bit overwhelming. The change and independence has done me well but the family consequences was something I was not ready for =(. The first night I ate cornflakes without milk since the stove was Kathy-proof. Tony’s 6 pack and Diana’s all purpose knife was the only thing I had aside from the beautiful roses that “spruced” up my place (thanks hun =). I did have a fence of a bed to sleep on and my clothes that served as a cushion. Although I think I’ve gone a long way after I’ve hit all the garage sales on island… I have a working fridge, a couch, some gratis painting, and a comfortable futon on the floor. Food wise: still Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the occasional instant oatmeal and spicy canned tuna. It hasn’t been a month and I might crash and burn the way some expect me too but every night I’m still praying for the best, for the choices that I made and will make.


Anonymous said...

I told you oatmeal was good, and you used to make fun of my eating habbits:D

Shazam said...

When can we have you over for dinner? You played GREAT on Saturday. Maybe I will switch to a Raman diet also!

bradinthesand said...

i think we've had some pretty good dinners since you moved into the new place. and at least you like soba. you're a great cook and do wonders with what you've got.

don't worry about things. those who care about you won't let you fall. or we'll be there to catch you. i don't know which. they both sound nice though.

Boni said...

I applaud your courage to create your own future, with family nearby of course. BTW, your mom said you were upset that she's working and she's sick. I swear I tell her to go home:) Take care and don't give up.

bradinthesand said...

...and last night's dinner (the leftovers from which are today's lunch) was totally not ramen! once again, great stuff. i especially like the cookies.

...okay, and you're right. despite my fierce resistance, happy feet is a good movie ;)

Pragmatic Plato said...

Boycott Porky's!