Monday, July 23, 2007

Thank You guys!

I'm back home! Just wanted to thank you all for taking me in. I had an incredible time, the best summer yet -- and of course none of that would be possible without you (I'm in my sentimental mode, its too early in the morning and my Saipan body clock isn’t kicking in yet). To my Kuyas and Ates, you have crazy talented children who give me reason to stay young physically and at heart, so keep up! To my niece and nephews, more wrestling, tennis, movies, skating, hiking, camping, mafia and maybe an attempt in skateboarding to come. To my newly found friends, Kevin Danny (aka: Jlo) Rick and of course Christian, thank you for your bigheartedness and making this trip thrillingly wonderful. And now I move on with you in my heart and mind, hoping to see you all soon.

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Jose said...

Always welcome. Looking forward to seeing you again.