Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Ultimate Camp-out!

5 states within a month! From Vegas to Hollywood's behind the scenes at Universal. By the 2ND week I met the craziest characters of Randolph Massachusetts. We headed to Boston on a T with, Julie, Diana and Tony. We walked Paul Revere's infamous Freedom Trail for 4 hours, getting lost and trying to take Diana down under the beating heat of the sun, of course Tony succeeded. By night, we danced and drank all our troubles away. We headed to Vermont the following day with high hopes of crushing the boys in their ultimate camping cook off. To our dismay, they raised the bar with their Chub Chubs cowboy act. I would never forget how everything looked form Steve-o playing the harmonica while the rest of the guys were seated around the fire waiting for the phrase "New York City" getting ready for a water balloon fight. Everyday was something new, wiffle ball, knockout, mafia, jumping into a freezing grotto, road sing-along, and the crazy-wonderful friends I made. To Mammadukes, Deanna, Stephanie, Mai, Julie, Mandy, Bethany, Erica, Christen, I loved the company not to mention the rollover cuddles. To Dandan, Jon (special thanks for the recipe) J-poo, Mike, Chris, Tony, and Steve-o (u shur gotta purty mouth), the most talented group of guys Ive met, till next year. Of course, Diana, although I took you out every time in knock out, I still love you for tagging me in and having the smartest dog, Lucy. My first camping trip, and it was nothing short of AMAZING.