Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy UN Day!

We will be judged in the future on the actions we take today -- on results. On this United Nations Day, let us rededicate ourselves to achieving them."
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General
One of the wonderful things about celebrating United Nations Day is that it isn’t solely an American holiday but a day to celebrate unity with countries that form the UN. With all the negativity and chaos in our daily lives, it is a relief to know that other people continue to make an effort to uphold social progress, human rights and world peace.
Last year, my 2nd grade class represented India. With the help of Rahul’s parents we were able to dress the kids in Sari and Dhoti. Today, we were the Boricua’s and Borrinqueño’s of Puerto Rico! Ms. Nora and I had a blast painting the flag on our kids faces.

HOLA! from PuertoRico

Ms. Aguon with her beautiful dress and GiNOROMOUS hat representing the CNMI

This kids class made up commandments to represent Egypt...
(zoom in to the first commandment, you'll get a kick out of it)


Harry Blalock said...

Hi Kathy, I've invited Brad to go diving several times but I never hear back from him, so I figured I'd extend the invitation to you this time. I'll be at Dive Saipan around 8 am Saturday morning if you'd like to come, we're heading for the Grotto.

Saipan Kat said...

Hey Harry, the weekends have been packed with games, trips, and family visits. Tomorrow I have a 9:00am futsol game, but are you planning a Sunday dive?

bradinthesand said...

argh, when can i spy me pirate photos?