Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fan belt and beyond

So my fan belt broke. Now I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting for rescue. Okay, so it’s not the middle of nowhere. I’ve managed to name at least three landmarks such as the stoplight by NMC, Western Union and the old garment factory. If you live out here, you could locate me in a jiffy.
While Boy, the mechanic, and his partner are mending my ant infested Rav, I am typing away, thanks to the power of my smart phone and EVDO, as well as enjoying a power bar called TWIX.
We literally had three months of summer during which I’ve managed to check most blogs in a week and have discovered new ones that are just as fascinating. Now, nada. Despite bloggable moments, there was no way I could manage to sneak in a few minutes to type out a couple of lines. I guess breaking down isn’t so bad, especially when you’re not in the middle of a freeway.

So here are some updates.

Papa. Seeing him in his current situation is heart breaking. He usually has a million things to say when I drop him to dialysis on Mondays and Fridays. But now, the most I get from him is an unsure “NO!” (I asked if he wanted to listen to some music). I just found out that he’s back in the hospital, under observation.

My new set of 2nd graders. This year I have 7 staff kids and more from parent requests. My coworker said that this is probably the highest form of compliment I could get from the other teachers. It is pretty flattering but I also feel pressured about the unspoken expectations. Also, I could never get used to not missing my old class.

Meatball. She is a giant terror! She responds to Brad’s “HEY!” while she barks back at my “NO!”
When I ignore her, she puts on this pouty face and hides behind the couch. How can I not fall for that?

Alright, they are done with my ride. More updates later…

Diving… I gotta write about diving. It’s been a definite thrill.


Saipan Patricia said...

Kat, sorry about your Pops. Hope he gets better.

On the up side, I think it's a thing of beauty when:

a) Jetsi beats 4 defenders and finishes with a beautiful goal


b) A person finds their purpose in life and is damn good at it

But more so "b"...well, probably,... maybe,... it is the more beautiful of the two. LOL

Saipan Kat said...

Was he wearing his colorful cleats?

ten o' reos said...

kat,. Dean and I saw brad at the hospital,. He told us about your dad,. I hope he will feel better soon,. We are praying for you and family,.