Friday, August 1, 2008

'Tis a Mad, Selfish, Hungry World

The dogs are happy biting bones, Though meat, they never meet;
He’s back to work upon the pile And sorts the rocks from leaves;
There’s silence excepting the noise of scrambling for food found;
The garbage-dump’s a blessed spot, Where man and beast share food!
-John Celes

My selfish version of hunger:

A famished, lone-clad lady stands amidst a pot of soup
All searching through her mothers kitchen room for some left-over food;
The aroma of freshly baked empanada
Oh the thought of fruits, yogurt and granola;
Each time taking swigs from a bottle,
filled with cayenne, lemon and maple;
No hunger-pangs from master cleanse
yet thy lip yearns as she willfully contends.


Anonymous said...

you almost got me into this "ppfftt" detox thing! FOOD is good! FOOD is the best! People should stop doing this... it's... aaaahhhhhh.... it's killing me! I know my food guide pyramid, and I tell people to eat healthy and keep their BMI in normal range but why... why do I weight this much.. I should know what to do by now... HELP! huhuhu..

...i know.. i know... u already told me.. everything should be taken in moderation... ya ryt! PPFFFTT..


Anonymous said...

i mean weigh this much.. not weight!

Saipan Kat said...

I miss chewing...